My heart is fuelled by showing women they can celebrate their beauty at any age and moment in their life through boudoir.

Veering from plain and common, I can capture candid and posed set-ups with elegance and fierceness all at the same time. I truly pride myself in giving life to the photos that symbolize the true beauty of each female and the journey she has created for herself and the path she will head toward.

I have the creative professionalism that is necessary to put every client at ease, to bring out the raw natural beauty that is relaxed, bold and beautiful and completely their own. This comes with my over ten years of photographing the female body through glamour photography, boudoir photography and fine-art photography.

I remain true to the initial reason I was drawn to photography: My passion for showing females how truly gorgeous they are inside and out. It's been too long. Let's celebrate you now!

empowering women through photography 


Every session begins with an initial consultation, so we can get to know one another.

I encourage clients to use this time for questions and ideas. It can be a simple telephone call, or face-time session. 

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Each session is as unique as possible and truly caters to each woman and what they are going through at that time in their life.

Whether it is for a celebration, anniversary, or engagement, no session is exactly the same. Our creative boudoir sessions ensure that your photos are as unique as you are.

Whether you are into a moody vibe or a lighter atmosphere, we have the knowledge and experience to cater to your needs so that your end product is exactly what you have envisioned. Our boudoir shoots focus on the style and vision you have in mind and we create the scene from there. We not only realize your vision but create and execute it in the most professional way.





Celebrate you now and forever

Boudoir photography is an intimate experience for any female.  Feminine elements of a luxurious bedroom or scenery are sometimes added in with props to add more glamour and sensuality. You can take your pictures in your bedroom, bathroom, or any room in your home. We have a lot of clients who choose to take their photos outdoors and use props such as cars as well.
The important thing to remember is that you are in control of everything. I am just here to help you show your best self and capture your magic.

WHY we're the perfect match

While women have taken these photos for their husbands and spouses in the past, most women are now using these photos to boost their feeling of confidence and empowerment. Boudoir photoshoots create a different kind of confidence in a woman, one that gives her the courage to face the world boldly. Feeling beautiful while naked is such a mood booster that every woman loves.

What makes boudoir images so empowering? A woman’s body should be her safest place. Creating images and memories where her body is being captured in the best lighting and angles can help her to fall in love with her body all over again. Boudoir pictures or erotic photography have helped women embrace their womanhood for centuries and we want to help you to love your body again.


"You won't regret it. I'm a lot more self confident as a result of seeing how great the pictures looked."

Johna, BRIDE


"Working with Amy WAS such an amazing

"My fiancé and I are professional, full time photographers. So when I decided I wanted to do a boudoir session we really did our research and Betty Blue Boudoir was the clear winner. 

Working with Amy felt more like hanging out with a friend and we had so much fun! During our session she was so helpful and showed me exactly how to pose. I felt so comfortable.

After I was done I told everyone about how fun and empowering the whole experience was."


"Amy made me feel so comfortable and relaxed."

"Amy was amazing! Her studio where the shoot took place in Buda was gorgeous. It was very old fashioned, elegant and dainty. Amy made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

We just talked during the shoot and her instructions with poses and what to do were very clear and easy to understand.

I'm so glad I got my shoot done with her. I can't wait to show my fiancé the pictures!"


"she did a fantastic job at making Me feel so comfortable during this session."

"Amy is a phenomenal photographer and she did a fantastic job at making me feel so comfortable during this session. She got a lot of really incredible shots that I put in a nice book to give to my husband as a wedding day gift and he LOVED it! I've never seen him blush so hard.

I'll absolutely be using her again in the future for some special anniversary or Valentine's day photos."


"After leaving the shoot, I had a sense of confidence that I had never felt before."

There are not enough words to explain how amazing of an experience it was to work with Amy. I did a lot of research on photographers initially before deciding that I would fly from Chicago to Texas so I could have Amy do my boudoir shoot.

Amy's talent is out of this world. I was so scared going into the shoot (as it was my first) but Amy made me feel completely comfortable, she was great when I had questions or needed direction and I almost forgot what I was doing since I was having so much fun.


This shoot was outside my comfort zone and she made me feel totally comfortable."

"Was totally impressed by Amy! She is very professional yet made our session really fun! This shoot was totally outside my comfort zone and she made me feel totally comfortable! I would recommend Amy to anyone!!!"